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Done Is Better Than Perfect

"You do not need to be perfect to be deserving of the things that you really want in your life. You are WORTHY, exactly as you are right now."

- Justin Michael Williams

I have now been sitting on a completed blog website since last year. While the blog has been ready I kept finding myself in a space where I felt like I wasn't.

I am currently in the middle of a 40 Days of Transformation program held by The Dream Bigger Foundation ( and on day 16 the meditation focus was "Perfectionism and how to overcome it." What I learned through the meditation practice is that my idea of perfectionism held me back from releasing my blog the moment it was as ready as it was going to be. I also learned that perfectionism is a hidden form of fear that has played a major part in why I have had dreams and goals that I've worked on or even completed but never shared my creative passions with the world.

My birthday was yesterday (8/23 welcome to Virgo seasssooonnnnn!) and one of my gifts to myself is FINALLY announcing the release of my blog. I had several friends hold me accountable by randomly asking "so where are you with your blog" or "when are we releasing that blog" and it really kept me motivated to not let this just be another dream or goal that lays dormant. I told my friend I was scared about the release and her response was short and sweet, "DO IT SCARED" she said.

The only way this platform can be what I want it to is if I just put it out there and get it started so it can grow and evolve. In the guided meditation I listened to Justin says, "The best way to move beyond perfectionism is to take action." This is me taking action! Done is surely better than perfect and this here platform is DONE and ready to be used for healing, growing, and learning.

Peace & Love

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