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Never Alone

"Hold on, Pain ends when the healing begins. I am with you"

As I write this I am in an extremely vulnerable state. For the past few months I have been going through these bouts of depression and trying to deal with it on my own. Well not completely on my own as I am keeping my therapist close and aware of my current mental state. In therapy I am reminded that everything I am currently experiencing is “normal” given the year I’ve had. But the depression, the anxiety episodes, the consistent not so good mental days, doesn’t feel normal it feels like a scary familiar.

I saw a post on Instagram recently from Taraji P Henson that revealed she had experienced having suicidal thoughts and reminded Tamar Braxton that she is not alone since she had a recent suicide attempt. While these women are celebrities, they are still human beings that feel and go through things just like anyone else.

I’ve been seeing more people be open about depression and suicide attempts and I must admit that it has provided that gentle reminder I needed that I AM NEVER ALONE! Here you would think these women who seem to have it all couldn’t possibly want to take their own lives, yet they thought about it. I’m sure someone could look at me and say that I have many reasons to want to LIVE yet in my head I can still come up with a list of why i don’t. To be honest I often get really upset with myself when I do have those thoughts because I’ve come a long way and I want to keep fighting through.

I wrote this just so someone else can see that even the strong struggle. You can do the work and make progress and it still may be a time or day that comes where you feel weak, alone, and like giving up. I’m still here and i believe that counts for something. YOU are still here, and it definitely is for a reason. So Why Do I Choose to Live Today? Because God is not done with me yet.

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